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1. Affordability

Contact lenses are now more affordable and higher quality than what they used to be. With that lenses are now more affordable than ever. New technologies have also enhanced their performance, comfort, and safety. The vast amount of research and development from all the companies, the best quality contact lenses are just a bit dearer than the older technology. Obviously, there is a balance to be had here. This is where a skilled contact lens practitioner will properly recommend a contact lens that provides safe and comfortable contact lens wear based on your individual eyes.

2. Fit for Sports and Play

Contact lenses are the perfect for any activity glasses might be getting in the way of. Are you tired of trying to fit your motorcycle helmet over your head while wearing your glasses? Playing sports with a clear vision is now possible!
For occasional wearers, daily disposable contact lenses can be used once and then thrown away, as needed, no need to worry about storing and cleaning lenses. Daily lenses are super thin and comfortable and are available in a wide range of prescriptions.

3. Adapted to All Kinds of Eyes

Nowadays, contact lenses can correct most prescriptions. Even people with high amounts of astigmatism can be corrected with contact lenses, which was not always the case. If you have ever been told you are not suitable for contact lenses due to your prescription, it might be a good idea to see your local optometrist who specialises in contact lens wear.

4. Make Your Friends Jealous at Dinner

When the rest of table is scrambling for their reading glasses to see the menu, you can simply pick it up and read it.
If you do need help with reading (presbyopia), there are many contact lens solutions for you as well. You don’t have to rely on contacts for only long-distance vision and still keep a set of reading glasses handy. Talk to your Optometrist about multifocal contact lenses. They even come in daily wear for the occasional dinner party.

5. Easy to Use and Maintain

Once you’ve learned how to put in contact lenses, and how to comfortably insert and remove them, you can enjoy their convenience! Your eye care professional will help you decide which contacts will guarantee optimal comfort for your eyes. They will guide you through this learning process with practical advice to ensure safe contact lens wear.
Contact lens wearers will all confirm, contacts make a real difference. In addition to their smaller footprint, contact lenses don’t scratch as glasses do with wear and tear. Which makes them less susceptible to causing you strain over time.
Always make sure you replace your lenses according to your Optometrists instructions, whether they’re meant to be changed every month, every two weeks or every day. One day lenses do not mean you can spend a couple hours at the gym. Take them out and reuse them the next workout for multiple days. One day contact lenses are single use- they’re not meant to be reused.
Daily disposable contacts are generally one of the healthiest options for your eyes – they ensure your eye has a fresh, clean lens every day, so you don’t need to worry about protein build up or bacteria. And they don’t require any maintenance!

6. No Need for Prescription Sunglasses

Contact lenses allow you the freedom of not having to remember your prescription sunglasses along with your clear glasses. You can bring one set of non-prescription sunglasses with you and take them on and off whenever you need – Contacts also give you the freedom to choose more wrapped sunglasses that are not always suitable for prescription glasses.

7. Discretion

Discretion is key with contacts!
Patients with very high scripts no longer need to worry about wearing their thick glasses for events such as weddings. A high prescription in the form of a contact lens is not visible to anybody. Contacts also help remove much of the unwanted distortion that comes with high script glasses.

8. Keep Your Peripheral Vision Clear

Contact lenses mean your field of vision is not restricted to the limitations of your glasses frame! With contacts, you can step out and see the whole world crisply from edge to edge, without the peripheral barrier of a bulky frame. With proper contact lens wear, you can enjoy a much wider field of vision and often a more natural magnification.

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