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Your eyes deserve the best. Premium lens technology makes a huge difference to the clarity and comfort of your new spectacles.

Introducing NEW Lens Technology with the DNEye Scanner

B.I.G Vision (Biometric Intelligent Glasses) – Only available through Rodenstock’s patented lens  technology and requiring input obtained by the DNEye scanner. This really is the next level in lens technology and probably the biggest leap in lens design we have seen in a very long time.

Experience the revolutionary eyesight test with the Rodenstock DNEye Scanner. This piece of equipment is unique in the world with more than 7,000 high-precision measurement points transferred into your individual lenses. The only way to experience perfect vision. These measured biometric values are used and integrated in the mathematical design, and then precision manufacturing of your lenses making the most individual lenses currently available in the world. What is the point to all this? Simple, the sharpest vision you are able to get out of prescription spectacle lenses. A recently expanded lens portfolio means this technology is now available in a wider range of both single vision lenses and progressive lens options.

Since 1900, a general model of the human eye has been used for the measurement of the eye and the calculation of lenses. Over time, technology and lenses have continuously improved. But the so-called “Gullstrand Eye” as the standard calculation basis remained the same. Now, Rodenstock has broken new ground to replace the standard eye model. With the DNEye® PRO technology, the individual anatomy of the eye is measured. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Rodenstock is also able to transmit the measured values ​​to the lens.

Rodenstock History

Founded in Würzburg, Germany in 1877 – the beginning of a success story began. Rodenstock has been an innovation leader in the area of ophthalmic optics for more than 140 years, and are the oldest optical company who manufacture both lenses and frames. Many years of research knowledge, superb craftsmanship, precise cutting and intelligent technology go into their products. With many optic firsts coming out of their labs including tinted lenses with prescription and UV protection (1899), the first transition lenses in Europe (1968) and plastic lenses (1974)! You can expect nothing less than a true masterpiece of precision – in terms of material, function and design from Rodenstock.

Progressive Lens Technology

As the name suggests, a progressive lens provides progressive power, and infinitely variable sharp vision at all distances. Because progressive lenses are able to correct defective vision for far and near at the same time. As there is no visible edge in the lens and the power changes are not recognisable from the outside, as such, progressive lenses also have aesthetic benefits.

Why do I need progressives? Our eyes change as we get older. When we become middle-aged the eye’s natural lens is no longer quite as elastic. It becomes increasingly difficult for the eyes to switch between near and distance vision – the eyes need some assistance. Progressive lenses are the ideal first-line solution here. With progressive lenses you don’t have the annoying and inconvenient task of changing spectacles all the time.

Rodenstock progressive lenses are always individually tailored to your eyes. In addition, they should also match the individual viewing habits of your life. Depending on whether you spend a lot of time sitting at the desk or are frequently outdoors, the fields of vision for near and distance, as well as in the intermediate range, should be different.

What’s the down side? Due to the progressive prescription change throughout the lens, some peripheral distortions are induced on the edges of the lenses. Sure, this may take some getting used to initially but the vast majority of the population adapt very easily and then reap the benefits. This is why the quality of the lens is so important, the better the quality, the fewer distortions.

Bear in mind every eye is as unique as you are. It is crucial to get everything correct: a good quality lens, a good quality prescription and then also get it setup correctly in your frame and even how that frame then sits on your face.


  • 3-month satisfaction: Rodenstock guarantee you a smooth acclimatisation period with your progressive lenses. However, if you are not satisfied in the first 3 months, they will replace the spectacles with another product from their range of similar quality.
  • 3-year quality guarantee: They give you a 36-month guarantee on the coating when you purchase spectacle with their premium coatings
  • Traveller service: If your progressive lenses get damages or lost on a trip abroad, Rodenstock will send you an emergency set of distance and near spectacles in your prescription, directly to your residence – promptly and free of charge.

Xtra Clean

Clean lenses the whole day?! The new Xtra Clean finish coating makes it possible. This optional finish (applied to the front and back surface of the lens) on Rodenstock premium lenses is the deciding factor here. The extremely smooth surface means that dirt hardly sticks – and if the lenses do get dirty, it can be easily removed.

  • Long-lasting, crystal clear view
  • Fast and simple cleaning of lenses without leaving any streaks or residue
  • Dirt water and dust repellent properties

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We provide a full scope of Optometry Services aimed at providing our patients with the best life long eyecare.

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Contact Lenses

There are more options than ever out there when it comes to the right contact lens solution for any given patient


Correct your vision while you sleep. Enjoy clear vision – Free of spectacle or contact lens wear during the day!

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Your eyes deserve the best. Premium lens technology makes a huge difference to the clarity and comfort of your new spectacles.

The best optometrist! My experience at East Vision was great, they were friendly, got to know me, and you can see their genuine care for their customers. You get a real feeling that nothing is being missed and the optometrist Photi's friendly approach, willingness to explain the process and answer my questions along the way was reassuring. If you are seeking a brilliant local optometrist in the Bulimba / Balmoral / Hawthorne area, I cannot recommend them enough!

Paul Holstein

I recently had my eyes tested at East Vision Optometry and was extremely impressed by the detail taken to check all aspects of my eyes. They took images of the front and back of my eyes and saved these to use for future benchmarking to see what changes occur over time. They also ran through a detailed explanation of the overall condition of my eyes and my vision. This level of detail and explanation was something I haven’t experienced with optometrists I’ve seen in the past so I will definitely be using East Vision as my optometrist moving forward.

Sandy Carty

Amazing, friendly and high quality service and reasonable prices!

Greta Sweeney

What a great local business to support! Very professional and friendly. Photi was very thorough and informative with the eye examination, fully explaining all the tests and their results. The staff are wonderful front of house, very welcoming and knowledgeable. They have a great range of frames, from classic to funky, to suit all budgets. I would highly recommend.

Jan Scott