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Eye disorders are one the most common long-term health problems for children. Good vision is vital when considering a child’s educational outcomes and also their physical and social development.


Even if there are no complaints or concerns, we recommend that it is important that every child receives a comprehensive eye examination from a kids Optometrist at least by the age of 5. Early detection of certain eye disorders is often critical for good outcomes.

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Queensland Children’s Hospital- Optometry Alignment Program

Our Optometrist, Photi Tanos, has been invited to participate in the Queensland Children’s Hospital Eye Clinic’s Paediatric Optometry Alignment Pilot Program. This innovative program plans to establish a network of dedicated and specialised eye health clinicians (Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Orthoptists) with up-to-date knowledge and skills to deliver an exceptional level of care for children with eye-related problems.

The program provides QCH aligned optometrists with access to education resources so they can effectively treat children, as well as a direct communication link to the hospital’s Eye Clinic clinicians so they can to seek advice about the care of individual children, where necessary.

This program ensures your child will be treated by a paediatric optometrist who is in partnership with some of Queensland’s leading children’s eye health clinicians with a charter to deliver the best possible care.

Common Signs

Many common eye disorders in children go undetected for various reasons. It is important to be aware of some possible signs/ symptoms which may indicate a problems with your child’s vision:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Eye turn  (eg. one eye turns in or out while the other stays straight)
  • Headaches
  • Closing or covering one eye
  • Holding a book very close to read
  • Squinting or sitting very close while watching TV
  • Frequent Blinking
  • Poor attention/ concentration at school
  • Generally disruptive behaviour

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We are predominantly a private billing practice but we endeavor to try and bulk-bill children (under 16 years old) where possible. At a minimum, the patient must be eligible to claim a full rebate from Medicare, we can check this on the day of the appointment.  Please call the practice to discuss further if you have any questions regarding consultation fees with our paediatric optometrist. Additional fees may apply for some specialty testing that Medicare does not provide an item number for.

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We provide a full scope of Optometry Services aimed at providing our patients with the best life long eyecare.

Children’s Vision

Good vision is vital when considering a child’s educational outcomes and also their physical and social development.

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The best optometrist! My experience at East Vision was great, they were friendly, got to know me, and you can see their genuine care for their customers. You get a real feeling that nothing is being missed and the optometrist Photi's friendly approach, willingness to explain the process and answer my questions along the way was reassuring. If you are seeking a brilliant local optometrist in the Bulimba / Balmoral / Hawthorne area, I cannot recommend them enough!

Paul H.

I recently had my eyes tested at East Vision Optometry and was extremely impressed by the detail taken to check all aspects of my eyes. They took images of the front and back of my eyes and saved these to use for future benchmarking to see what changes occur over time. They also ran through a detailed explanation of the overall condition of my eyes and my vision. This level of detail and explanation was something I haven’t experienced with optometrists I’ve seen in the past so I will definitely be using East Vision as my optometrist moving forward.

Sandy C.

Amazing, friendly and high quality service and reasonable prices!

Greta S.

What a great local business to support! Very professional and friendly. Photi was very thorough and informative with the eye examination, fully explaining all the tests and their results. The staff are wonderful front of house, very welcoming and knowledgeable. They have a great range of frames, from classic to funky, to suit all budgets. I would highly recommend.

Jan S.